Gameful design


Trough social, mobile and location based technology we are rapidly connecting every aspect of our life to the internet and our social networks. This is profoundly changing the way customers, clients, patients, visitors, users, students, citizens, employees interact with your organization. This brings along great new opportunities (and threats) for your organization. We Love Your Work believes that understanding technological change and social transformation and creatively anticipating upcoming digital disruptions should be at the core of every organization. Every organization has to reinvent itself.

And we love to help you with that.



In order to reinvent itself organizations have to embrace the creative use of technology by playing with it. Organizations around the globe are discovering the power of games and game technology. Games are applied to enhance the way we work, learn, explain, care and communicate. Game technology and game design principles are implemented to create more compelling and meaningful services, shops, exhibitions, lessons, therapy and campaigns. At least, that’s the promise.


Applied Game Design

Over the past years we have seen a tremendous rise in the design, application and use of games for real world goals. We have seen many good, and even more bad, examples of games for goals in various sectors such as healthcare, education, science or heritage. The rise in popularity of these games brought along an enormous amount of terms to describe them: serious gamespersuasive gamesexergames, advergames, games for health, games for change, games for impact etc.

We call the creative discipline involved in designing these games ‘applied game design’. Not only the game medium has matured but also the discipline of creating games. Thanks to numerous conferences, festivals, awards, publications and research projects, game designers are starting to understand what it takes to create meaningful play connected to various goals and various contexts. We have an idea of what strategies, models, processes and tools are needed to create great games for goals.

Recently we have seen an expansion of the field of applied game design. The rise of sensor based technology, the Internet of things, smartphones, social networks, new currencies and social trends such as crowdsourcing and the quantified self fueled the emergence of gamification. Gamification (otherwise known as gameful design, game design thinking, playful interaction design, currency design, loyalty design etc.) is a form of applied game design and can be defined as the use of game design elements, principles and processes in relation to real world goals and actions.

Play moves out of the box and into the real world again. Great game designers are needed to apply their skills and creativity. The knowledge they have built over the past decade regarding the strategies, models, processes and tools to create meaningful play in relation to goals is crucial in relation to gameful innovation.

We Love Your Work puts the meaning and fun back in organizations, services and brands. We help organizations to understand their raison d’etre in relation to (future) change. We Love Your Work helps organizations to creatively anticipate change.